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I am a certified professional coach with a  passion for initiating positive changes in virtually every aspect of life. I draw on my expertise and professionalism to draft an action plan and help my clients with dynamic solutions to satisfy their needs.

Why should you consider coaching?

A certified coach will offer a tailored approach to help reach your goals and overcome your challenges. The coaching process can help with how to address a life change, improve your communication between loved ones, reach new goals in your business and so much more. Check out my areas of focus, under Coaching Services.

What others say about Melissa as a Coach:

“Melissa has an incredible skill of seeing what you yourself can not. She asks thought provoking questions to help you step through your concern and determine solutions that fit you. She has helped me in many family, work and individual situations over the last few years. I always walk away from our conversations feeling equipped with new knowledge and a plan of how to go forward.”

“Melissa was awesome! She’s helped me sit down and really be intentional with my priorities. She helped me to look at what I have accomplished and be proud of it and celebrate them so I could move forward to reach goals! So glad I scheduled a session with her!”

Life and Business Coach