Years ago, I was happily building my career in HR, married and raising two healthy daughters. You would think I had it all, but I was struggling inside. I hated being away from my family 12 hours a day. It was eating away at me. I didn’t realize at the time, but I was also lost and maybe even a bit broken. I was focused on the shiny things in life and not on what mattered most.

I grew up in a Christian household and believed in Jesus, but I was not making my faith an important part in my life. I was too busy working and raising a family, or so I told myself. I would turn to God when I needed Him, but I certainly was not putting Him first in my life.

I started to question my faith and realized that I felt completely lost. At that point, I can say with certainty that God was fighting for me. I can see that now and I am so grateful that He won the fight.

Since that time, I have experienced tremendous changes in my life. No, not all of them were good, but they did provide growth, and I needed those seasons to get to where I am today. I know what it’s like to believe. I know what it’s like to doubt. I know what it’s like to push through the fear and uncertainty and find something absolutely amazing on the other side.

Because God made us all different, I can’t offer one solution that fits every mother I work with. However, I can help you tap into the way God is calling you to live. I can take you on your own journey to help you discover a balanced life – the way God intended it to be. When you find that, you won’t want to live any other way.








“Melissa has an incredible skill of seeing what you yourself can not. She asks thought provoking questions to help you step through your concern and determine solutions that fit you. She has helped me in many family, work and individual situations over the last few years. I always walk away from our conversations feeling equipped with new knowledge and a plan of how to go forward.” – Lisa

“Melissa was awesome! She’s helped me sit down and really be intentional with my priorities. She helped me to look at what I have accomplished and be proud of it and celebrate them so I could move forward to reach goals! So glad I scheduled a session with her!” – Amber



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