You know you want to make a change, but it’s too hard. Some women were born with the willpower to achieve their goals, and I am just not one of them.

Does that sound familiar?

There are 4 huge mistakes I see moms make when trying to achieve a goal:

  • They are not specific enough.
  • They don’t set realistic expectations.
  • They don’t what to do when doubt enters their mind.
  • They have not properly trained themselves to resist temptation.

Imagine how your life would be different if you achieved your goal


  • You could eliminate that voice in your ear that creates that shame spiral.
  • You could experience less stress and anxiety.
  • You could enjoy your time with family.
  • You could show yourself and your family that you are capable of hard things.


Achieve, Balance & Commit

The ABC’s for Moms to Eliminate Self-Sabotage and Achieve Their Goals

Here’s how Achieve, Balance & Commit is different from other programs: Achieve, Balance & Commit focuses on increasing your self-control (yes, that’s possible!), eliminating self-defeating thoughts, and providing a solution for overall goal success.

This program will teach you how to:
  • Create solution-focused, measurable goals
  • Stop self-defeating thoughts and habits
  • Grow your willpower
  • Create a realistic plan for success and how to measure progress
  • Prepare for obstacles and challenges that could keep you from goal achievement
Here’s What You Can Expect from the Program:

Unlimited Learning Portal Access
Exclusive self-paced coaching videos covering both topics on career, health, faith, finances and relationships. Modules Included:

  1. Personal Assessment and Goal Setting
  2. Foundational Life Goals
  3. Managing Your Time
  4. What’s Holding You Back from Success

Unlimited Access to my 1:1 Coaching Exercises
In this program, you will receive the same exercises I provide during my 1:1 sessions. You will select the exercises needed to help you reach your goals. Feel free to ask questions about the exercises in the Facebook group, or during the weekly coaching session.

Private Facebook Group
Starting from the day you enroll, you’ll have a private FB group to connect with me and your fellow members, find an accountability partner, and receive support.

Are you ready to stop saying you will start tomorrow?

Enroll now in Achieve, Balance and Commit and get full access for one year for only $197 or $20 per month!


  • Personal Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Your Faith
  • Your Health
  • Your Mindset
  • Your Relationship with Your Spouse
  • Your Career Goals
  • Your Finances
  • Time Management
  • Get Organized
  • Better Focus
  • Am I Self-Sabotaging?
  • Creating Better Family Relationships
  • Letting Go of the Past
  • Stress Identification

Our Coaching Program is For Moms Who: 

  • Are ready to make time to implement the strategies in our program and experience transformation
  • Are willing to show up for themselves so they can show up for their family long-term
  • Understand that long-lasting change doesn’t happen overnight
  • Are absolutely afraid – but so ready to finally invest in themselves, their career, and their family
  • Are tired of experiencing lack of balance in their life and are willing to make a change

Our Coaching Program Isn’t For Moms Who: 

  • Expect quick results with little to no effort 
  • Aren’t ready to invest in themselves
  • Are unwilling to change and would rather keep their lives the same


Melissa has an incredible skill of seeing what you yourself can not. She asks thought provoking questions to help you step through your concern and determine solutions that fit you. She has helped me in many family, work and individual situations over the last few years. I always walk away from our conversations feeling equipped with new knowledge and a plan of how to go forward.

Lisa S.

Coaching Client

Melissa was awesome! She’s helped me sit down and really be intentional with my priorities. She helped me look at what I have accomplished and be proud of it and celebrate them so I could move forward to reach goals! So glad I scheduled a session with her!

Amber P.

Coaching Client

I have very little time. Can I still benefit from this program?

I get it. You have so many hats to wear and sometimes it’s hard to even catch a breather. However, I genuinely believe that we make time for the things most important to us and I designed this as a self-paced program because I had my fellow moms in mind. Block off your calendar when it works best for you!

How Can I Guarantee Success During this Program?

After the personal assessment, you will narrow down your goals and create a plan to help you achieve those goals. It will be up to you to execute the action steps needed, but if you get stuck, you’re not alone! You’ll have:

  • A group of supportive women in our Facebook Group who can offer support
  • An online learning portal of recorded coaching sessions
  • An online portal with numerous exercises to help you uncover what’s keeping you from achieving your goals

So really, you’ll have all the tools and support you need to achieve success.

Do You Offer Refunds?

Investing in yourself is a scary decision. I can guarantee that if you are not 100% committed to this process, you will not see the results you want. For that reason, I do not offer refunds once you are enrolled in the Achieve, Balance & Commit.

How Do Payments Work?

You will make one payment today of $197 and get access for one full year or 12-monthly payments of $20. It’s that easy!

Have Any More Questions?