Episode 53 – The Lies We Tell Ourselves

by | Aug 16, 2020 | Business, Life

Growing up, my brother always naturally did quite well in school, and I definitely did not. I can now look back and realize why I didn’t do as well, but mostly it’s because I told myself he was smart and I wasn’t.

In fact, it took me meeting my husband to realize that wasn’t the case. He saw something in me that I never saw in myself. His belief in me changed my mindset completely.

Is there something you have told yourself for years that is holding you back?

Have you told yourself you aren’t organized, capable of being an entrepreneur or something like me…smart?

Are there things that you have missed out on in life because you told yourself this lie? I know I can definitely think of some things that I have avoided because of the lies I have told myself.

Have you told yourself you can’t handle our current situation? Have you told yourself this school year is going to be too hard? That it’s impossible to work, run a business, raise kids, homeschool? It is a lot, but is it impossible? Probably not.

What if you started to tell yourself you can do it. What if you look for solutions to make it happen?

What if you start reaching out to friends and neighbors so you can help each other? What if you start having conversations with your kids and spouse now about how to make this work?

Is there a job or business you have wanted to do but you tell yourself you are too shy to do that or not capable of the work?

What if you started to look for people like yourself who have done the same work successfully?

Do you think that would change your outlook?

Do you have a dream vacation in mind but think there is no way that would ever happen?

What if you did some side jobs to save the money, or started to put away a little each week to save for the trip? What if you gave up some items that weren’t that important?

The lies we tell ourselves shape the choices we make each day. Wouldn’t our lives be better if we started to look for solutions, and not problems?

We are at a time in life right now where it seems like we are surrounded by problems, what if we woke up each day excited about the solutions that existed? Do you think that would change your day and life? I think so.

If you don’t, why don’t you try and see if you can prove me wrong. 🙂