How to Find Balance During a Difficult Season

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Have you ever felt like you needed a change? Have you felt exhausted, stressed or full of anxiety? Did you feel you had nothing left to give your friends and family? Were you miserable or just not satisfied at your job?

Maybe you feel some or all of this now. What are you doing to make a change? Are you expecting something to change without taking action?

This was me six years ago. I had a plan, and until that plan happened, I would continue to be miserable. Good plan, right? Um no. Why was that a horrible plan? Well, because my plan was not working. Was I making course corrections to change my plan? No. How did I expect anything to change, if I wasn’t making any changes? I thought I needed to be patient, but I was wrong.

Let’s fast forward to 18 months ago when I was forced to make a change. This was NOT a pleasant change. Not only was it not pleasant, but it occurred during a difficult season for my family. I felt like I was losing control over all aspects of my life, and as a control freak, that was not a good feeling.

Here is what I can share about that experience. My faith, marriage, relationship with my daughters, career and overall life have drastically improved. I can see now that some of this began before my forced change, but a great deal occurred over the past 18 months. We all have different callings and journeys, so what helped me, might not be your solution. However, I want to share what helped me. If you are interested in hearing more, follow my blog, because I will share the details in a series of blog posts coming soon!

I want to leave you with something today. Find a minimum of 10 minutes for yourself each day. For those saying you don’t have 10 minutes. You do. I have found you have time for things you want to make time for, so please make the time. It matters. Six years ago, I never had time either.

Choose one of these activities during that time:

Work a Puzzle

If you want to take it a step further, while doing the activity, think of everything you are thankful for that day. Full disclosure, I typically rolled my eyes when someone said something like this in the past. I was wrong. It’s powerful. Trust me.


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