6-week Group Coaching Program (Add-on to Renew Course)

Begins Sunday, January 12, 2020

This program is designed to work with my online course, Renew Your Spirit, Mind and Body. The coaching program runs for 6 weeks in a private Facebook group. The course is self-paced and for those that are self-starters. The group coaching is a great option for those that need additional help ensuring they create long-term change.

What’s included

  • Private Group
  • Weekly Live Coaching Sessions
  • Exercises
  • Live Coaching in the Group and Training

This program is  full of value! This can truly leave you transformed and I am excited to be with you each step of the way! In addition to everything listed above, I will included several tools to help you my these changes successfully. I understand what it is like to know something needs to be different but you don’t completely know what or how to make the change. During our 6 weeks together, you will notice a difference in your spiritual relationship, mindset and body. I believe in order to impact your physical body (weight loss, improved fitness, appearance, etc), you must first address your spirit and mind. It’s true that you can reach those goals without addressing concerns with your spirit and mind, but you don’t typically see long-term success. I want to help you uncover blocks, so you can see long-term results.